Prayer to Mary, Mother and Queen of all Saints

O Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother and Queen of all Saints, you who were the first disciple of God’s will that all men be holy as he is holy through your outstanding obedience. Loving Mother, I come before you with love and trust to help me be holy and to lead me to a life of charity, purity, and humility. Holy men and women of sacred history called upon you and you never abandoned nor forsaken them. I trust in you, O Mother, and lead me to Jesus, your Son, the reward of all saints in heaven and on earth.

O Mary, Mother and Queen of all Saints, pray for us who have recourse to you. Amen.


Prayer to the Saints

O blessed souls, chosen ones, faithful children of God most holy, I praise the Lord for the great work he has done for the world, especially in giving you honor and reward to be with him in his kingdom and to serve as our model of true Christian life. I pray to please help me follow God’s will, to serve him and the Church, to extend my time, talents, and treasures to those in need, and to be faithful to my baptismal promises. May I always be reminded of my true vocation to be a saint, whatever status of life I have at present, so that when the time for me comes, I will be with you in God’s kingdom with Mother Mary, Saint Joseph, and all the angels praising God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit forever and ever. Amen.


Prayer to the Saints in time of despair

O dear saints of God, I humbly ask you to help me at this time of (mention your need like sickness, problems, etc.). Pray for me that I may succeed not with my own strength but because of God’s kindness and love for me and your prayers and merits. With this present experience, may I, who suffer, cling always to the hands of God, strengthen my faith and confidence to him, to feel that he is present always in my heart and really loves me in the midst of my human weaknesses. Amen.



Protect, O Lord, Holy Father, your holy servants from those who will desecrate their name and remains. Guard the sanctity of their earthly remains for it is holy. Banish the evil intentions of those who desire to have them in possession. May the prayers of the Saints in glory whom we venerate, propagate, and safeguard, with all the angels in heaven, help those who serve the Church in their cause.

We ask this through Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, God forever and ever. Amen.


Self-entrustment to a patron saint

How to choose a patron saint?
1. Have a book of saints, read and reflect on each lives and works of a saint. Find out whose saint you can relate with that has similarities in your experiences in life, encounters with God and with your neighbor, how they struggle with their weaknesses, your birthday, etc.
2. When you chose one or more, preferably one, discover more about the life of your chosen saint and start praying to him/her and ask his/her help in your daily life and talk to him as a friend.
3. If you already decided to choose that particular saint, look for an image or picture and put it anywhere you want, where you can pray to him/her anytime, like in your room, office table, wallet, etc.
4. Know his/her feast day and attend a Mass to honor and thank God for the gift of a patron saint. Celebrate it!
5. Do not look at patron saints as if they are far and impossible to imitate. Remember, your patron saint is with you and is united with you always especially in prayer. Your patron saint is a human person like you. He/she was weak yet able to strive to follow Jesus through different ways like: love for the Eucharist, frequent confession, devotion to our Lady and to other Saints, doing works of charity. Imitate his/her life at the very best way you can.
6. He/she is your new friend that you can always count-on, a shoulder to lean-on, and a peer to talk with and always ready to help you.

Simple Prayer in choosing a patron saint

O Saint/Blessed N., after knowing your life and works, I thank God for giving you to the world and for inspiring me to be a saint. Please allow me to be your spiritual child and to call you as my patron saint. I come before you and invoke your name to help me strive to be holy as what you did and to love God and the Church in the status of life where I am now. Saint/Blessed N., pray for me and for my love ones and be my spiritual partner as I continue my journey here on earth and when time comes, I will be with you and all the saints praising God, the source of all holiness, forever and ever. Amen.

Saint/Blessed N., pray for me!

Nihil Obstat:
Rev. Fr. Genaro O. Diwa, SLL
Censor and 
Commissioner, Commission on Liturgy

+ Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales
Archbishop of Manila

March 27, 2011